A get together with Sri Baburaoji Desai

Bengaluru – 22 August 2019 Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Karnataka and Hindu Vani monthly magazine, Bangalore had jointly organized a program to celebrate 95th birth anniversary of  Sri.Baburao Desai on Thursday, 22nd August 2019.  The Birthday was celebrated as a Thanksgiving and Felicitation program to Sri.Baburao Desai.
Sri Baburao Desai is a veteran leader and a senior RSS pracharak  who has guided thousands of RSS pracharaks and has inculcated discipline and dedication in them.
The program was split into two sessions.  The first session was from 10am to 1pm with the agenda “Recollecting the past in the company of Sri Baburao Desai” and the second session was between 5pm to 8.30pm with the agenda of “Myself and Baburao – sweet memories of the last 70 years”.
The first session was chaired by Dr. S. R. Ramanagoudar, President,  VHP,  Karnataka North and the second session was chaired by Dr. Vijayalakshmi Deshmane, President, VHP, Karnataka South.
The first session was at Keshav Shilpa Auditorium, Chamrajpet, Bangalore. The friends and colleagues  of Sri. Baburao Desai remembered their experiences with Sri. Baburao Desai during their tenure at RSS. The program started at 10am and since there were many speakers and well wishers who were eager to share their experiences, the session got extended up to 2pm. Sri. Baburao’s unique personality, the sacrifices, hardwork, concern towards society, organizing ability was narrated by various speakers in detail, by citing various incidents.  Various Speakers like Sri. Dinesh Kamath, Sri Sudhirji, Sri. Pramod Mutalik, Sri. Jagadish Karanth, Sri. G. Madhusudhan, Sri. Thippe Swamy appreciated the Yeomen service of Sri. Baburao towards society and the lessons they have learnt, the love, affection and  encouragement Baburao showed towards his junior Karyakartas were explained in detail. Thousands of RSS Karyakartas trained by him, are today serving the society at various locations discharging the responsibilities given to them. The speakers remembered the manner in which Sri. Baburao was suggesting solutions to various problems brought to his notice,  without getting tensed. Generally, during the training programs, the senior Pracharaks were of the view that the juniors should be trained under strict conditions in a highly disciplined environment. As an exception, Sri. Baburao was advocating providing training to the pracharaks in a friendly environment.  He was of the view that the Pracharaks   have come forward to serve the society by sacrificing their parents, family and their personal lives. To help the society they are ready to work hard and sincerely. Hence our duty is to show them love and affection and create a family environment.  We should inculcate discipline in them not just by enforcement or by preaching,  but, by ourselves setting an example.
Sri. G. Madhusudhan recollected that, Sri. Baburao, with meagre money in his pocket, used to buy eatables to the junior Pracharaks , while he would be contented only with coffee/tea for himself. He derived  happiness in providing comfort to his colleagues and subordinates.
Sri. Dinesh Kamath recollected that, Sri. Baburao was particular that when one visits the house of well wishers they should be informed in advance to avoid any inconvenience to the hosts. Sri. Dinesh Kamath also informed that Sri. Baburao who has mastered languages of Kannada, Marathi, Konkani, English, French and Hindi, has started learning Sanskrit at this ripe age.
The other speakers also shared their experiences which established the greatness and the inspiring qualities of Sri. Baburao.
The first session ended with delicious lunch and the number of participants was around 450 which was a proof of Sri. Baburao Desai’s popularity.
The second session started in the evening 5 pm at Gayana Samaja, Chamarajpet, Bangalore.  Despite heavy rains, the auditorium was full with more than 500 admirers. Those who came late had to stand and watch the program.  The event started with attractive Bharata Natyam program depicting the greatness of Swami Vivekananda and Adi Shankaracharya.
Invocation was rendered by Vidushi Smt.Anjana.
Sri Deepak Rajagopal, Joint treasurer of VHP welcomed the guests and audiences. Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala Dr.D.Veerendra Heggade who was to chair the program could not make it due to some unavoidable circumstances.  He had sent a message wishing good luck.  The gist of his message is as under : Sri.Babu Rao Desai has devoted his life for Hindu dharma and upliftment of the downtrodden.  His life is ideal and exemplary. In his company, we have acquired a lot of knowledge.
Sri Gangadharendra Saraswati Swamiji of Sonda Swarnavalli Mutt who also couldn’t attend the program,  in his message commended the organisational skills of Sri Babu Rao and  described him as a Karmayogi who is  leading a purposeful life.
Justice (retired) Sri Vishnu Sadashiva Kokaje, International president of VHP said that it is our duty to facilitate Sri Babu Rao Desai who has sacrificed his whole life for the society.  He thanked VHP, Karnataka and Hinduvani for organising this grand function.
A book titled ‘Jogiya Kindari ‘ containing the events and narrations related to thousands of Speeches, Baithaks and Bouddhiks of Babu Rao Desai was released.
Sri Y.K.Raghavendra Rao, General council member, VHP recollected Sri.Babu Rao’s thinking that one should keep doing important work continuously without foregoing urgent works to be attended.
Sri S.Ramanna ,Senior RSS Pracharak said that there should be a suitable  environment to do any work.  Baithaks and Bouddhiks are key factors for a karyakartha to remain active and dedicated and hence Sri Babu Rao was ensuring that the same are  complied with.  Sri.T.N.Prabhakar,  Former  Additional Director, Dept. of Higher Education, Mysuru spoke in detail about the book which is a collection of anecdotes of Sri Babu Rao Desai.  He said that undoubtedly Sri Babu Rao Desai is a God in human form since he has devoted his whole life for the society.   He expressed his happiness for having got an opportunity to arrange the felicitation program and being able to share the Dias with such great personality.  He recommended everyone not only to  read the book,  but also to follow the principles in their lives.
Sri Mangesh Bhende, Akhila Bharata vyavastha Pramukh, RSS cited many examples which proved Sri. Babu Rao’s ability to get the work done without hurting or offending others.
Sri Dattatreya Hosabale, Joint Organising Secretary RSS, appreciated the hard work and sincerity of Sri.Babu Rao Desai comparing him to sandalwood.  He said that generally human beings have a small heart. But, probably God created a very big heart and attached head, legs and hands and named it after Babu Rao Desai.  He remembered the famous English poet William Wordsworth who was explaining complicated things in simple and understandable words.
Apart from the above dignitaries,  the others who were present on the Dias included Dr.Vijayalaksmi Deshmane, President, VHP, Karnataka south, Prof.M.B.Puranik, working President, VHP,  Karnataka South,  Sri.N.P.Muniraju,  Publisher of Hinduvani  and Sri V. Nagaraj, Senior RSS  Pracharak.
Sri. Babu Rao Desai accepting the felicitation submitted that he accepted it as  an obedient soldier of the Sangh, with humility.  He remembered and thanked Dr.Guruji, Sri. Sadananda Kakade, Sri.Yadava Rao Joshi who were his friends, philosophers and guides and played a key role in  moulding  his personality.
Vote of thanks was rendered by Sri. N.P.Muniraju.
After the function everyone was served with delicious dinner.  Everyone left with full enthusiasm and inspiration with a determination to dedicate themselves to the society and lead a meaningful life.


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